backyard-subdivision-YarraAre you interested in subdividing residential or commercial property or your backyard in City Of Wyndham Melbourne?

With over Fifteen Years experience in property development and subdivision, we buy land specialise in helping home owners to subdivide their property and construct and develop on their land.

Our Process:

Site assessment In City Of Wyndham

We check the council Planning Scheme to assess and confirm your home’s eligibility for subdivision.

Understand your objectives and requirements:
We buy land believe it is very important that your subdivision accomplishes your objectives. For you, this might be the finished product is your primary place of residence, or a rental property.


All developments are individually created to physical land constraints, council regulations and customer objectives.

We think about all factors such as the likelihood of successful Town Planning approval, budget, existing easements and overlays that might affect your house. This is done to precisely examine and recommend you of the best method to optimise your land.

We manage the whole subdivision procedure from beginning to completion.

How Do I Subdivide My Backyard In City Of Wyndham?

Subdividing your backyard in city can be expensive, time consuming and intimidating if you don’t have the best team for the job.

Due to our town planning experience and understanding of individual council needs, all our projects are completed in the least possible amount of time. This conserves costs and allows us to settle with you in the least amount of time.

If you would like to build double story townhouses or even houses on your land. Or perhaps a land subdivision if it’s acreage we can help with the entire job on your behalf. This includes obtaining all council permits and supervising building and if required, project manage the sale through to conclusion.

What We Can Do For You In City Of Wyndham

Our services will take the inconvenience from subdividing your yard in by collaborating the entire advancement treatment on your behalf for a set fee.

We can tailors our services to fulfil the demands of your individual job. Call the group today to speak about how we can very well assist you in providing your job or do not think twice to use our enquiry type and our group will touch with you.

Trying to find recommendations on property subdivision? You have actually come to the right place. We make it easier than ever to be directly connected with property market experts, offering you with all the recommendations and details you need. Simply register for free, provide us with some basic information of your property, and await recommendations and offers to come in from property professionals. Whether you require initial suggestions on how to subdivide land or are looking for a specialist who specialises in property subdivision in Melbourne, Geelong and major regional cities, you make certain to discover what you have to unlock your property’s full potential.

How large does my land need to be?

It does not matter what size your land is. If you think a small unit can be built there call. Even if you cannot picture it, why not contact us anyway. If it helps, in Victoria there have been residential house built in suburbs as little as 170 sqm.

Can I have a say in how much of my backyard is carved off?

Yes of course. It’s completely sensible that you would want to keep some garden around the back (or side) of your house. We more than happy to deal with you on your concepts about resizing the land.

What does We Buy Land do with the land once I’ve offered it to you?

We work on plans to build a house or a townhouse. We may develop the property ourselves, or after an effective council application, offer the home to a 3rd party with plans and permits.

How do you work out what you’ll pay me for my backyard?

Before we make you an offer, we carry out a detailed feasibility. This includes investigating existing market value, the cost for council approval, costs for landscaping and fencing, cost of connecting and reconnecting important services, costs of anything additional you might have asked for, new garage for instance and so on.
Agent selling fees and bank interest.

How long before you will have the cash in your hand?

We anticipate the process to take roughly 5 to 6 months. This will vary depending on council procedures. In more difficult cases, it might take longer. If it is likely there might be problem processing a subdivision application or there might be a delay we inform you on the onset.

I don’t completely own my home yet; I have a home loan. Does the bank need to be involved?

Find out today if you can benefit by selling off your backyard. Call us 1300 787 690 or fill out the contact form on the right with your address. And we will discover if your land can be subdivided.

Sub Dividing
Residential or commercial property Subdivision in Victoria
There is a great deal of misinformation surrounding the process of residential or commercial property subdivision, so let’s start with some frequently asked questions:

Can I subdivide my block?

Not all homes can be subdivided. The proposed brand-new lots must all possess a combination of requirements for subdivision certification be granted.

Exactly what is Subdivision?

Subdivision is the process of dividing a big land allotment into two or more smaller land allocations, each by themselves separate title.
Each lot has to be completely self sufficient, i.e. each will have its own connections for water, electrical power, gas, phone etc. The service connections for one lot, such as water pipes, phone lines etc, need to not encroach on another lot.

Who carries out the land subdivision?

A qualified surveyor is the central specialist in any land subdivision.

Is the subdivision process different to the Town Planning Application and Town Planning Authorization?

Yes. Land/ Home Subdivision requires a different permit application to that of a town planning authorization.
Significantly, obtaining a town planning permit does not ensure that you will be able to subdivide.
Do I have to subdivide in order to sell?

Yes. Although it is possible to obtain a town permit to develop two or more houses on a property, without subdivision, these dwellings will all remain on the one title.
If you mean to sell the houses separately, then each house will have to be subdivided onto its own specific lot.
At the end of the process, the titles office will provide a brand new “certificate of title” for each subdivided lot.

The length of time does it take?

Typically in Victoria the process must take around 3-4 months. However timeframes for private matters will differ.

What can go wrong?

Council may postpone (or in some cases turn down!) a subdivision permit application if:
– Each lot is not fully self sufficient enough for all required services.
– The service connections for one lot encroach on another lot. (in this case an easement might need to be produced, or the service be reinstated).
– The designer cannot plainly show connection points on plans, causing trades to “think” where services need to be linked in order to acheive a clean subdivision.
– The designer places connection points in places which cause service connections for one lot to cross lot limits of another lot.
– The trades for each service set up connection points at the wrong locations.
All these results are costly in terms of hold-ups and dollars.
Service connections to new homes need to be considered right from the preliminary site design of the proposed development.
It helps to consult with an experienced residential designer, a residential builder, an engineer and a licensed land surveyor before finalising your site design.
With the input of all these experts, your opportunities of a clean and speedy subdivision are significantly increased.
Critical “Do’s”.
– Plainly identify all service connection points (Gas, water, electricity, sewage, telephone, cable television etc) and possession places on strategies.
– Make sure that all lots are totally self adequate.
– Strategy layout of systems to guarantee there are no service connections crossing neighbouring lot limits.
– Make certain that each service specialist knows where their service connection points and assets should lie.
Partitioned lots can be sold as uninhabited, with plans and permits to build, or be built on then sold as completed dwellings.

We do backyard subdivision in the following City Of Wyndham suburbs in Melbourne:-

Eynesbury, Hoppers Crossing, Laverton, Laverton North, Little River, Mambourin, Manor Lakes, Mount Cottrell, Point Cook, Quandong, Tarneit, Truganina, Werribee, Werribee South, Williams Landing and Wyndham Vale.