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Subdividing Your Land How Do I Subdivide My Land

Subdividing your property can be costly, time consuming and intimidating if you don't have the right team for the job.

Subdividing your property can be costly, time consuming and intimidating if you don’t have the right team for the job.
Due to our years of property developing experience and understanding of individual council demands, all our projects are finished in the least amount of time possible.

If you would like to construct dual occupancy townhouses or even apartments on your land. Or even a land subdivision if it’s acreage we can help with the whole project on your behalf. This includes acquiring all planning permits and overseeing building and if required, secure the sale through to conclusion. On a Joint Venture basis.


What We Can Do For You

Our services will take the hassle out of subdividing your land by collaborating the entire development procedure on your behalf.

We can customise our services to fulfill the demands of your individual project. Call the team today to talk about how we can very well aid you in delivering your project or do not hesitate to utilize our enquiry form and our team will touch with you.

Contact us for a no-obligation consultation. We research and examine your house/land and determine it’s suitability for subdivision. We will make you an offer. If you like the offer we do the rest. On settlement you are paid for your land. In some instances we can Joint Venture with you and share the development profits. Or if this does not suit your needs we can just buy the land off you.

How It All Works

How It All Works

When you contact us expressing your interest in selling your backyard the first thing we need is your address. We need this so we can make an evaluation of your backyard.
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